Mayor of Oakwood

Lamar Scroggs


A native and lifelong resident of Oakwood, Lamar Scroggs has served on the City Council since 1975. In 1976, he took office as Mayor and has served in that leadership position every year since.

As Mayor for nearly four decades, Scroggs has both witnessed and participated in countless historical area events – Lake Lanier, Gainesville State College (now University of North Georgia), Hwy. 365/I-985, the construction of Thurmon Tanner Parkway, development along Mundy Mill Road – and most recently, the multi-million dollar interstate interchange construction at the Oakwood I-985 exit that has enhanced transportation and visibility for the city. Also, he has been a driving force in the development of the Oakwood 2030 vision plans for the future.

Scroggs and his wife Evelyn, have one daughter and two great grandchildren, as well as a much pampered pet Papillon dog. 


Council Member

Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, a native and long-time resident of Oakwood, looks forward to being involved and making a difference in his community. Beginning his service on City Council in 2012, Wilson’s priorities for the City are to continue delivery of high quality services, to provide a responsive forum for its citizens, and to maintain a focus on implementing the Oakwood 2030 master plan.

Wilson and his wife, Missy, have two children, Cole and Kinsey.


Council Member

Sheri Clark Millwood

Sheri Clark Millwood, a Hall County native, began serving the City of Oakwood in 1983. With more than three decades of service, she has held positions on the Oakwood City Council, Oakwood Planning Commission, Oakwood Development Authority and currently serves as Mayor Pro-Tem.

Millwood is extremely proud to be co-founder and director of the Oakwood Secret Santa Car Show, an annual event that raises money to provide assistance to Oakwood children and families in need at Christmas.

As a commercial real estate broker, Millwood has served as President of the Hall County Board of Realtors, been recognized as REALTOR of the Year, and received the REALTOR Distinguished Service award in 2015.

Passionate about her community, Millwood is committed to working hard for the common good through positive growth in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Millwood says that Oakwood has always been a community of strong leaders and she wants to keep that tradition of supporting the dreams of others…defining and achieving goals…and working to achieve a common objective – to make Oakwood a GREAT place to live, work, worship and play.

Millwood and her husband, Tony, have a passion for Lake Lanier and are active in efforts to preserve the integrity of the lake for future generations.


Council Member

Pat Jones

Pat Jones was elected to the Oakwood City Council in 2015. She had previously served on the Planning Commission and the Development Authority. Jones moved to Hall County in 1971 and has resided in Oakwood since 1985. She has been active in the community and volunteers with other residents on events such as the Annual Road & Stream Cleanup, Oakwood Christmas in the Park, and Secret Santa Car Show.

Jones looks forward to working with the Council to make the City of Oakwood an even better place to live and work. Her vision is for Oakwood to be a community where residents turn out to lend a hand to their neighbors in need of help.

Jones is a retired teacher and for many years has compiled and published genealogical resource books.


Council Member

Dwight Wood

Dwight was born in Hall County on December 25, 1951 in the Hall County Hospital; now NGMC.

He is a 1969 graduate of South Hall High School and has three grown children who are also local residents.

He served as Superior and State Court Clerk in Hall County for 24 years (1985 – 2008) and worked in county government for 33 years, and has lived in and around Oakwood for almost all his life.

His experience in county government has helped make the transition into city government easier than it would be for someone with no experience.  He served a term on the Oakwood Development Authority before running for Council Member.

His Dad, Donald T. Wood, served as Oakwood City Council Member for over 20 years and says he is very proud of his service to this city.

Dwight says he loves the city of Oakwood and is concerned about the rampant growth in the Southern areas of Hall County and will do what he can to slow the unchecked types of that kind of growth.  "It can get out of hand before you realize it."

He says he will do his part to plan for growth by keeping the city's infrastructures current with the growth that is allowed in the areas where growth is welcome.  He is for residential areas of all types, as long as it remains in the areas that have been approved by our long term plan.

He is also for industrial and commercial business/growth as well; there again, as long as it is kept in approved areas; therefore, he is for jobs.  He says he will work for a higher median income, so as to attract better retail establishments.

He says he would love to see more restaurants come to the Interstate 985 Exits 14, 16, and 17 area in the near future.

He wants to continue with the city's sewer projects, annexation projects, and future building projects (which will add to the city tax base).  The City has a great opportunity for growth on Thurmon Tanner Pkwy, Mundy Mill Rd, Atlanta Hwy, McEver Rd, and other areas.

Mr. Wood says that as long as he is a Council Member, he will do everything he can to help the City of Oakwood move forward to make it a place where its residents and future residents would want to live and raise their families, just as his Mom and Dad did. 


Council Member

Stephen Hendrix

Stephen Edd Hendrix was elected to the Oakwood City Council in 2018. He is a long time resident of Hall County, and a 1993 graduate of East Hall High School.  Stephen moved to the city of Oakwood in 1998, when he began working for McGee’s Cleaning Septic Services, Inc., which is an Oakwood based company owned by Mike & Denise McGee. In addition to the septic business, Stephen also began to drive a school bus for the Hall County School System in 2010. He is currently still employed by both. 

Stephen loves the fact that Oakwood has always been a wonderful community, and has a history of strong leaders that look out for the best interest of the residents who live there. Actually, his mother in law, Denise McGee, served 2 terms on the Oakwood City Council, and was also on the Planning and Zoning Board prior to that. Stephen’s main goal is to manage growth in a responsible manner, and try to maintain the small town feel that Oakwood is known for. “I love this city, and consider it an honor and a blessing to live and raise a family here, and I will strive to preserve that for the current and future citizens.”

Stephen married his best friend, Melissa in 2000, and they have one son, Grant.

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  • January 23, 2020 Called Meeting                                                  Council Member Post 4  (At Large)                    $324          
  • January 30, 2020 Called Meeting                                                  Council Member Post 5  (At Large)                    $324
  • February  10, 2020 
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  • March 9, 2020                                                                                business hours in August. (8am - 4pm)   Qualfying for the    
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