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November 2011 Town Hall Meeting Presentation

November 2011 Town Hall Meeting Summary

Whether you’d like to relocate your family or business here, or simply want to make Oakwood a travel destination, you won’t be disappointed.  With a strong and diverse economy, a scenic environment and a community whose values support family-centered quality growth, Oakwood is truly the place to ‘have it all.’

This philosophy is the keystone in the city’s long-range plan, Oakwood 2030, a comprehensive blueprint for the future.  With a totally revamped downtown (Oakwood Downtown) and commercial corridor (Oakwood Corporate Greenway), the city will be lush with landscaped trails and parks, abundant shopping and restaurants, a vibrant business and corporate district and an outdoor amphitheater, among other great cultural and community treasures.  Oakwood Corporate Greenway, on Thurmon Tanner Parkway alongside I-985, will provide excellent exposure and access for future corporate offices, technology centers, and R&D facilities whose employees will enjoy a healthy wellness environment that includes a proposed community recreational center.

Please take a look at Oakwood2030.com and see all that Oakwood has to offer in the very near future.