Oakwood Police Department Operations

Uniform Services

CaptainTal Parden

- Patrol Services

- Traffic Enforcement

- Accident Investigations

- Warrant Services

 Patrol Commander:

Lt. Marquita Driskell


Sgt. Jason Crowder

Sgt. Brandon Bryan 

Cpl. Chris Campbell

Cpl. John Murray

Cpl. Anthony Alvarez

Cpl.. Andrew Russell

Ofc. Madison Brant 

Ofc. Ricardo Llamas

Ofc. Ryan Watson 

Ofc. Melissa Wood

 K9 Sgt. Jay Ivey

 K9 - Rico

 K9 Cpl. Matthew   Norman 

 K9- Ikon 

C.I.D & Support Services

CaptainTal Parden


- Criminal Investigaions 

- Crime Suppression

- Crime Prevention

- Property & Evidence


 -Sgt.  Brian Mathis

-Ofc. Bobby Jo Threlkeld

-Ofc. Donna Bennett 


Support Services


Sgt. Jeff Bray  

Code Enforement:

Sgt.Craig Wall  

Warrant Services  

 Lt. Marquita Driskell

Sgt. Jason Crowder

Sgt. Brandon Bryan 

Ofc. Donna Bennett 

Chief of Police

Chief Timothy Hatch  

- PD Administrator

- Defines policy and Operations Standards

- Develops Budget

- Supervises Command Staff

Assistant Chief/Captain Tal Parden 

- PD Operations


State Certification Manager:


Police Clerk: 

Tracy Giles

- Records