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Application for Employment

If you are interested in working for the Oakwood Police Department, the process begins with your completed application.  Click on the link below for an application, fill the form out completely, AND PRINT IT OFF.  The form MUST be signed and notarized in order for us to consider it as being "complete." (Applications will be retained on file for the period of one year.)  Once you have completed these steps, you can return the form in person, by mail, or by email to the department.  If you decide to return the form by email, you will need to scan it in as a pdf document and send the completed, signed and notarized application to:

U. S. Mail:  
Oakwood Police Department, Attn.: Sgt. Brian Mathis, P.O. Box 99, Oakwood, GA 30566.
Physical Address:  
4035 Walnut Cir., Oakwood, GA 30566 


Police Application

Open Records Requests (Changes implemented 3/25/2024 at 9:46 AM)

After receiving your request, the City of Oakwood will provide you with a confirmation your request was received.  If you do not receive confirmation, please resubmit your request or contact us.  Additionally, you will be notified within three business days if there are records responsive to your request and if the records requested are subject to release (O.C.G.A.§ 50-18-71). The response will be provided in written format and will be sent via email when possible.

You can view the Georgia Open Records Act on the website of the Georgia Attorney General at: 

Georgia Open Records Act

You can also view the 2014 Law Enforcement Blue Book, which presents guidelines for law enforcement agencies under the Open Records Act at:

Law Enforcement Blue Book, 2014 Edition


Responses shall include the cost to search, retrieve, copy, redact and/or supervise inspection of the requested document(s). The cost represents the hourly rate of the lowest-paid full-time employee who, in the opinion of the City, has the necessary skill and training to respond to your request. There is no charge for the first 15 minutes.  If your request is to receive information on portable storage media, such as a flash drive, you will be charged an additional cost for the replacement of that storage media.

The fee for black and white, letter or legal-size copies is 10 cents per page. Other types of documents are charged based upon the City's expense to reproduce the record. Where fees for certain records are otherwise prescribed by law, such a specific fee shall apply. Payment is required upon receipt of the records. If it is requested that records be certified, there is an additional fee of $1 for certification of the first record and 50 cents for each record thereafter.

 Not Readily Accessible Records

1.  Some records are not readily accessible. In these instances, a timeline will be provided as to when the records will be available.

2.  Some records may be available directly from the department that maintains the records. In these cases, you will be advised to direct your request for records to the applicable department for processing.

3.  The Oakwood Police Department is under no obligation to create records, reports, summaries, or other documents that are not normally created within the department.

Requests for information under the Georgia Open Records Act need to be directed to the department's Records Supervisor.  In using the form below, fill it in completely, print it off and sign it.  You can then return it to the Department by U. S. mail or by email. 

The Records Supervisor/Open Records Officer for the Oakwood Police Department is Tracy Giles, and she can be reached by:

U. S. Mail: Oakwood Police Department, Attn.: Tracy Giles, P.O. Box 99, Oakwood, GA 30566. 
Email: Tracy Giles
Phone: 770-534-2364

Open Records Request Form

Extra Patrol Request

In the event that you plan to leave your home for a period of time, and you would like to make us aware of this so that we can keep an eye on your property, please use the Extra Patrol Request to coordinate our response during your time away.  Please complete this form and submit it in person or by the following:

U. S. Mail:  Oakwood Police Department, Attn.: Patrol Commander, P.O. Box 99, Oakwood, GA 30566
Email:  Lieutenant Jay Ivey
Phone: 770-534-2364

Extra Patrol Request
Ride-Along Waiver

The Oakwood Police Department does participate in a Ride-Along program with limitations.  Interested persons need to make a written request by filling out the form below, printing it off and signing it.  Once the form is complete, it can be submitted to the Police Department for review and approval.  Completed forms can be submitted via U.S. mail or in person or attached to an email as a pdf.  Submit completed forms to:

U. S. Mail: Oakwood Police Department, Attn.: Tracy Giles, P.O. Box 99, Oakwood, GA 30566. 
Email: Tracy Giles 
Phone: 770-534-2364

Ride-Along Waiver